Colorbond Fencing

Swift Fencing is a leading installer of Colorbond fencing in Bunbury and surrounding areas, mainly utilising the BlueScope Lysaght range of products.

Lysaght produce a high quality Colorbond fencing product that is all Australian made and protected by an exclusive Lysaght 10 year warranty, when installed and maintained in accordance with specifications. Lysaght fences installed by Swift Fencing are stylish, economical, strong and durable, and are available in 14 contemporary colours.

When you purchase your new Colorbond fence from Swift Fencing, our experience tells us it’s the hidden things that make the difference. The difference between a fence that stands the test of time and a fence that begins to fall over after the first strong wind. In making your purchasing decision it is wise to take into account the amount of concrete around each post. Anything less than 100kg is inadequate for the soil conditions around Bunbury. A minimum hole size of 300mm diameter and 700mm deep is required with the depth being the important variable.

Another hidden difference between a Swift Fencing Colorbond fence and many others is the number of tek screws used to fasten the posts together. The Lysaght Installation Guide stipulates a minimum of 6 screws per double post. This ensures that the posts are unable to separate from each other when exposed to strong winds. The combination of inadequate concrete and an insufficient number of screws is the main factor behind the failure of Colorbond fences in the windy conditions around Bunbury.