Pool Fencing

A swimming pool or spa may be the biggest asset you add to your home to improve your family’s lifestyle. An attractive fence that complies with local regulations and AS 1926.1 will add the finishing touch to your investment.

Swift Fencing is a local manufacturer and supplier of pool fencing and gates in the Bunbury area. Each fence is site measured and is custom made to suit the conditions at your home. Pool fence panels can be manufactured to negotiate retaining walls and sloping ground. Consistent panel widths ensure every job is neat in appearance with no ugly short panels as often happens when using pre-fabricated imported panels.

Pool fencing from Swift Fencing is available in a wide range of designs and a nearly endless range of colours. The minimum height for pool fencing is 1200mm but a growing trend is for fencing to be made higher than the minimum, with 1500mm being popular. Extra height means extra security when it comes to active, growing children and their friends. Other heights to match existing brickwork, fences or balustrades can be made to order.

Decorative fencing and gates are an attractive addition to your home even if you do not have a swimming pool or spa. Decorative fence panels in between brick or limestone piers will add value and enhance the look of your property.