Things You Need to Know About a Dual Battery Kit

Imagine what it would be like when the power of your vehicle falters just when you’re in the middle of nowhere. This extremely stressful situation can be avoided when you opt for a dual battery kit. The dual battery kit is composed of a house battery and a starter battery.

Aptly named, the starter battery is used for turning on the engine of the vehicle while the design of the house battery is to provide power to all the vehicle’s accessories when the engine is turned off.

This combination of battery power provided by the dual battery kit ensures reliable power for both the engine and accessories of your vehicle. Life on the road becomes smoother, stress-free, and enjoyable with the benefits provided by the dual battery kit.

How Beneficial is a Dual Battery Kit?

Opting for a dual battery kit offers the best solution when you want enhanced reliability and a power upgrade for your vehicle. With a dual battery kit, continuous power is provided for both the starter battery and house battery.

Some of the top benefits provided by a dual battery kit include:

Increased Power Dependability and Supply

Dual battery kits are not only for vehicles- they are equally beneficial for other types of transportation. Overlanding vehicles, boats, semi-trucks, and RVs with extensive power needs are likely to benefit from a dual battery kit.

For Semi-Trucks

Installing a dual battery kit in long hauler trucks provides an efficient power alternative to its systems. Better dependability and extended usage are gained by semi-trucks using a dual battery kit. The lesser weight of the dual batteries also reduces fuel consumption, a money-saving benefit truckers are likely to welcome. Long journeys become more comfortable when the dual battery kit helps in providing energy to all types of heating or cooling devices.

For Boats

Powering the communication and navigational systems and lights are important things for the safety of a boat. The installation of a dual battery system ensures that all the important accessories of the boat are fully powered even when you turn off the ignition. Safety on the water is crucial for any boat owner. The best way to guarantee safety while on the water is by having a deep cycle battery power.

For Overlanding Vehicles

Powered-up communication and navigation devices are crucial things for any overlanding vehicle during off-grid road trips. Maximum power to all the vehicle’s accessories is ensured with the installation of a dual battery setup.

The versatility of the house battery ensures that all camping accessories from portable fridges, radios, and lights are powered up after the engine has been turned off. The starter battery, on the other hand, ensures instant starting power as soon as the ignition is turned on.

Pairing the house battery with solar panels is the smartest way to harness nature’s renewable energy. The power supply remains sustained with a dual battery setup. Going one step further by opting for lithium deep cycle batteries allows you control over the energy reserves of the vehicle.

For RVs

One of the game changers seen in RVs today is the presence of dual battery kits. Installing a dual battery setup provides power to all types of appliances from entertainment systems to lights, and refrigeration. Turning off the engine and still having power on all appliances provides a relaxing living setup for RVs without having to resort to an external power source.

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