When is the Right Time to Have the Tracks for Bobcat Changed?                                

Changing your tracks for the bobcat is essential in maintaining optimal performance, minimising downtime and enhancing your safety when you use your bobcat. As you buy your bobcat, you need to know that it is your responsibility to ensure that it is in the right condition, including having great tracks. For this reason, you ought to know you need to have your tracks for bobcat changed. However, most people only realise when they need to change the tracks for bobcats once it is too late. This mainly happens because they are unaware of the warning signs, which means tracks must be changed. Fortunately, by the time you read this article, you will have learnt the sign, which means it is time to change your bobcat tracks.

Signs That My Tracks for Bobcat Need to be Changed

In case you see the following signs, it means that it is time for you to change the tracks for bobcat;

  • Visible tear and wear

The tread depth will always tell you how much your tracks have worn and torn out. This is because as your tracks for bobcat wear and tear, the tread depth tends to decrease. Therefore, if you realise that the tread depth of your bobcat is below the recommended limit, your tracks need to be replaced.

Also, any signs of tears, cuts, and missing chunks mean that your tracks for bobcats should be changed. If you fail to change your tracks, you will compromise the traction of the tracks and cause more damage. This is why you need to examine your tracks now and then and fix these issues whenever you notice them.

  • Uneven wear patterns

You should always inspect your tracks to determine if they have uneven or even wear patterns. Even wearing patterns means that your tracks are in the right condition. However, uneven wear patterns mean your tracks must be aligned and have incorrect tension. You have to replace the tracks to prevent further damage to your undercarriage and enhance the performance of our tracks.

  • Exposed wires and cords

If the wires and cords are exposed in the track material, the wear of your tracks has advanced. The exposure of the wires and cords could compromise your track’s structural integrity, causing potential failures. However, when you replace them, you will prevent internal damage, so you must be observant of exposed cords and wires.

  • Increased noises and vibrations

Unusual noises and excessive vibration when operating your bobcat mean your tracks are either damaged or worn. Due to the vibration, components may wear unevenly, get damaged and misaligned. Therefore, if you notice increased noises and excessive vibration during your operations, it is time to replace your tracks for bobcat.

  • Traction loss

Another noticeable sign when your tracks need changing is if you lose traction. This could be because your tracks have worn down, weakening their grip on terrains. This can be a great challenge when operating in slippery conditions, so you have to replace the tracks to restore their traction.  

  • Reduced fuel efficiency

When worn out, your tracks will have an increased rolling resistance, resulting in reduced fuel efficiency. For this reason, if you realise that your fuel consumption rate has increased unexplainably, you should consider replacing your tracks with new ones to restore their fuel efficiency.

  • Track wobbling

If your track is wobbling or moving excessively from side to side, your tracks are misaligned or worn down. This can further damage the components on the undercarriage and affect the bobcat’s stability. Therefore, you should change the tracks to address this problem.

If you ever notice any of the above signs, you should never ignore them. This is because there are very serious consequences of failing to change your tracks for bobcats in time. By being attentive and inspecting your tracks, you will always know when your tracks need changing in time. Check out bobcat track varieties from Bearcat NZ.

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